The next little town on the Great Eastern Drive is Buckland. It was originally settled in 1820. It is best know for its convict built (1846) historic church, St. John the Baptist, with its famous 14th century stain glass window, known as the East Window, brought out from England. There is some speculation about the age of the window, with some scholars claiming it dates back to 1094, as it may have originally been designed for the Battle Abbey in England. Well worth a visit as you pass trough town! There is only one pub and one roadhouse (no petrol) but there are facilities for camper vans and caravans.

Buckland is approx. 50 minutes and 60 km drive from Hobart and there are no towns between Sorrell and Buckland or Buckland and Orford.

Just before arriving in Buckland, there is a Bushland Garden that is open to the public. It is nicely landscaped and has picnic facilities as well as a display of endemic and rare Tasmanian east coast plants. There is also a waterfall and some sculptures scattered throughout the garden. It is a nice place to stretch your legs and check out Tasmanian flora. It is predominantly maintained by volunteer labour and is open most days of the year during daylight hours. Entry is free.

There is a cherry farm on the road between Sorrell and Buckland. In January and February you might be lucky and get some cellar door sales of beautiful Tasmanian cherries!