Cressy beach, on the road to Swansea

Cressy beach, view towards Freycinet Peninsula


Swansea is well known as a typical seaside and beach holiday resort, but it has both an important historical and cultural heritage.

Established in the 1820’s, Swansea is the oldest rural municipality in Australia. Europeans came here initially to graze sheep and grow crops. Today many of the original families still live in the same homes, but farming has diversified to include seed crops, wine, walnuts and more.  Work is diverse as well, from retail to tourism to community services.

Many Tasmanians come to Swansea for their annual holidays. Many others chose to retire to the area to enjoy the
superb fishing and coastal lifestyle.  They also enjoy the magnificent beeches of  ‘Jubilee, Nine Mile, Kelvedon or Spiky’

The moderate weather, pace of life and spectacular coastal setting encourage a lifestyle that is hard to beat, anywhere.

Besides the beaches, there are some nice scenic walks in the area. One such is called Loontitetermairrelehoinne Walk. The walk has magnificent views of the Freycinet Peninsula. Its a short well marked track around Waterloo Point. The walk is named after the band of Aboriginal people who inhabited this area. Good for sightings of seabirds.

The town has good attractions and a few places to eat.  The Bark Mill Tavern, Bakery and Museum is a good lunch stop with the added value of finding out more about Swansea.   Pop in and get even more information at the East Coast Heritage Museum at the Visitor Information Centre