Bruny Island

Cloudy Bay Bruny Island

A visit to Bruny Island is a ‘must do’ for any visitor to Hobart who has a wish to Explore the area thoroughly.  Bruny Island has a wide range of attractions, ranging from its unique wildlife, to its history and beaches.

Bruny  Island consists of two islands,  which are joined by a narrow isthmus, “The Neck”.  North Bruny has a drier climate and is well suited to sheep farming whilst South Bruny is more mountainous  and has large areas of rain forest.  Most visitors tend to go to the south of the island where most of the best bush walks, beaches and wildlife areas are.  Also, Bruny Island is the home of Bruny Island Charters, which has several fast, large tour boats, offering a wildlife ‘eco cruise’ down the sheltered East side of the island.  More about Bruny Island Cruises in a separate section of ‘Things to do’.

Bligh Museum in Adventure Bay Bruny Island

The main areas to visit on the island are places like Adventure Bay, which lies on the East Coast of the Island.  Adventure Bay was a main stopping off point for Adventurers like Cook and Bligh.  Adventure Bay has a museum dedicated to Bligh and his adventures, as well as a very nice beach, cafe and village shop.  At the very south of the Island is Bruny Lighthouse, which is the second oldest  lighthouse tower in Australia, as well as having the longest (158 years) history of being continuously manned.  March 1838 to 6th August 1996.


White Wallaby or Painted Wallaby on Bruny IslandThe Island has some unique wildlife.  White wallabies can be seen in Adventure bay (not albinos) and Swift Parrots thrive in the bush areas in the south.  Bennetts Wallabies, Spotted Quolls, Golden Brush Tail possum, Fairy Penguins at dusk, or the many rare and endangered species of bird such as the Forty Spotted Pardalote can be spotted.   If you join one of the tours from Bruny Island, you will may taken to view the marine wildlife including seals, whales, dolphins, albatross, and many varieties of seabird.

Winery, chocolate factory, a good hotel with excellent bar meals, beaches, walks, wildlife, history, marine trips, fishing, Bruny has it all.

Escape the city for a day or so and relax in another world, so close and yet so far from the bustle of Hobart.

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