Salamanca Place and Square

  Salamanca Place and SquareIs located in the area known as in Sullivans Cove, the main waterfront area of Hobart.  Salamanca is the area known for its market on Saturdays, galleries, theaters, cafes, bars and restaurants, housed within both historic and modern buildings.

The area was originally built up in the 1830’s to store  grain, wool, whale oil and imported goods from abroad and in parts still feels like you could meet, through its stone arches and cobbled streets, sailors, whalers and workmen from the past.

In the 1970’s the areas old warehouses were developed as cheap rental space for artists and small craft business.  This choice of occupants has resulted in Salamancea being a focus for the arts.   Salamanca Art Gallery is situated here,  and occupies seven heritage warehouses spaces, encorporating the popular Peacock Theatre.

Along with the development of the arts came the cafe culture and following that the fine restaurants and bars and boutique shops.

Friday nights are known for the atmosphere created by live music of various styles and tastes.  A vibrant place to start the weekend for both locals and visitors.

The area is enhanced further every year when, in December, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race takes place.   This world famous race brings in both visitors and yachtsmen from all over Australia and the world.

 Salamanca Place and Squar  Salamanca Place and Squar  Salamanca Place and Squar

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