Bruny Island Cruises

Bruny Island Chartersrs

One of the big success stories of tourist activities in Australia is the business run from Bruny Island by ex fisherman Rob Pennycott.  Rob identified that the greatest assets of the rich waters of Tasmania was not the fish that he harvested from the waters, but the wildlife and ecology of this wonderful area.

The business has developed into a Multi-award winning eco-cruise taking you through some of Bruny Island's  spectacular waters. The boats used have developed from slow displacement craft to fast rib based vessels.  Visitors tend to be a bit wary of this type of craft in its smaller versions, but the larger versions used b Bruny Island Charters have a much safer feel, without losing the thrill of speed.  The origins of these craft was for use by the New Zealand customs and coastguard for intercepting high speed vessels, but their application on Bruny Island is to take 40+ visitors quickly to areas of natural interest in safety.

Boasting stunning natural cliff formations among the tallest in the world, the awesome 'Breathing Rock', the towering 'Monument' and the lush emerald green forests of South Bruny you will fall in love with this island paradise. The impressive array of local wildlife rivals many national parks throughout the world with dolphins, fur seals, whales, mackerel, salmon, penguins, albatross, eagles, gannet, shearwater and petrel all living in this delicate ecosystem.
If you want to sample this fantastic experience look at the video below.