To get to Tasmania, you have only two options;

Firstly, across the sea by ferry form Melbourne on the Spirit of Tasmania (  The Ferry arrives in Devonport in the north of Tasmania and this form of travel to Tasmania by car saves on taxi, airport parking, excess baggage and hire car costs.  The ‘down side of this form of travel is that it takes around 9 to 11 hours and the Bass Straight can be a bit rough?

Secondly, by air.  At the time of writing (Feb 2014) only four airlines fly to Hobart:  Quantas, Tiger Airways, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.   They fly from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canbera and the shortest route Melbourne.

Hobart Airport  is about a 15 minute drive to the east of the city and it takes reasonable sized jets.  There are plans to extend the runway to take larger wide bodied jets in the future.

The airport has good facilities and the departure and arrival halls are all one.  In the departure area there is a cafe and all of the gates are in the main hall area.   Entry to the planes is by gangway and not air bridges, so boarding can be quite quick, using both forward and aft aircraft doors.   Disabled access to the planes should be notified at an early stage.

Even though at the time of writing, (Feb 2014) the airport has no truly international links, the airport maintains an immigration and customs presence.  Strict conditions are observed for the import of any fresh foods and dogs can often be viewed sniffing around both people and their bags.

Parking, car and motorhome rental are available close to the terminal, although parking can be expensive.